Metal Part Contacts

Metal Contact Pin

Acts as an interference contact between a pcb unit and other nearby components.

Metal Contact Pin


Metal Fuse Clip

Designed to mount easily and retain stable position during soldering.

Metal Grounding Contact

Completes grounding path and helps to form EMI sheild.

Metal Grounding LID

Helps to suppress and eliminate external noises or electromagnetic waves.

Metal Solder Terminal

PCB and solder contacts.

Metal Wire Holder

Secures wire bundles in place.





Misc Series

Linear Dampers

Dampening solution for electronic applications.

Plastic Bumper Foot

Reduces knocks and provides protection.

Plastic DC Terminal

Assists the flow of currents through circuits.

Plastic Panel Protection

Protects cables from being scratched on panel edges.

Plastic Push Lock

Pushing in component which secures wires and cables.

Plastic Push Lock


Plastic Spiral Tubes

Flexible and strong tubing used to fasten bundles of cables.

Plastic Tie-Wrap Holders

Secures and fastens tie-wraps.

Plastic Toe Wraps

Cable holder with locking mechanism.

Plastic Washer

Helps secure screws and other fasteners in pcbs and other applications.

Toot Spacers

Space supporters that can be fixed to the bottom of electronic units.

Wire Twister

Securing and twisting of cables and wires in electrical applications.





Anti-Noise & Vibration

Aluminium Shoulder Bolt

One piece assembly ensures optimum performance for GVD series.

Elastomer Fan Mount

Significantly reduces vibration and dampens fans.

Metal HDD Bracket

Can mount HDD either vertically or horizontally.

Thermoplastic HDD PCB Grommet

High dampened material traditionally used on PCBs and HDDs.



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